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Kid Genius is an international educational system intended for healthy development of the child’s brain. The goals of the Kid Genius are to encourage and develop the intellectual skills and abilities of children, from the early days of life. Following this vision Kid Genius successfully combines “the best from different worlds”, applying the best experiences of the East and the West.

Within the Kid Genius system, there is an international school of Mental Arithmetic. The school is intended for children from the age of  4 to the age of 12 (to finish school by the age of 14), since in that period the child’s brain develops most dynamically. Using the abacus, both cerebral hemispheres are activated to achieve maximum intellectual potential. After mastering the work on abacus, children become Geniuses. They are able to perform complicated computational operations such as 235 + 64 + 361 – 97 + 196 – 98 = … without any tools, purely thought-through, giving the correct answer in just a few seconds! This ability the Kid Genius retains forever, possessing it throughout his life. However, rapid mental counting is just one of the skills that the Geniuses master. Much more important results achieved are the comprehensive development of the cognitive abilities of the child, such as: attention, memory, concentration, visualization, imagination, self-confidence…

Kid Genius School is the best choice for your child. See what are the most important reasons for our success:

  • Kid Genius is the only school in Europe that applies the original Japanese HIKARI 光 program of Mental Arithmetic. The program has a unique and very effective method that originates from Japan, the country that is the cradle of mental arithmetic.
  • Thanks to the unique method, our students achieve outstanding results in a short time. After two months of teaching, they are able to count mentally, which is not the case with other programs in which even the approximate results are not achieved, even after many years of practicing.
  • The program is flexible and carefully designed, taking into account the individual needs of each child. Learning is practiced in small groups (6-12 participants), through fun activities, various games and competitions, with, which is the most important, relaxing and creative atmosphere and positive emotional relationships.
  • In addition to the basic fund of classes, which includes 12 school classes a month, every child is given as much as he really needs. Thus, supplementary and additional teaching is available to all who need it, because our goal is that every child achieves his maximum potential. In this way, children are provided with a teaching fund up to 20 school classes a month, which is not charged additionally.
  • In Our School, students use the original Japanese Soroban (算盤), an abacus that is made according to Japanese standards, exclusively from natural materials, which involve the use of two types of wood: linden tree and bamboo.
  • Uniqueness and the superiority of our program is also reflected in the use of innovative technologies. Using licensed software and web platform, efficient home-work support and facilitating communication between teachers and students is provided. In this way, our students on our platform can electronically solve homework, train acquired knowledge through online games, or compete with other students from our schools around the world.
  • The school Kid Genius is a regular organizer and participant in international competitions, as it allows our students to participate in prestigious world competitions and the Olympics in mental arithmetic. In this way, children gain valuable experience and develop a healthy competitive spirit.
  • After successfully completing schooling, our children are provided with a free continuation of education in order to improve and to get the prestigious title of masters of mental arithmetic.
  • The cognitive effects achieved by learning our mental arithmetic program do not get lost when they finish school, but become permanent abilities and skills that Kids Genius possess throughout their lives.